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United Texas - Mobile
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United Texas - Mobile
Free - On the App Store

When you travel, chances are you’ll be using a credit card and/or a debit card on your trip. With a United Texas debit or credit card, you can rest easy. You’ll enjoy the convenience of access to your accounts and protection at the same time. We offer several products and services to take some of the stress out of being away from your home base.

CO-OP ATMs and Shared Branches

United Texas is a member of the CO-OP ATM and Shared Branch Networks. With almost 30,000 surcharge-free ATMs and over 5,500 branches nationwide, you’re never far from your funds. To find the closest location to you, visit, use the locator within United Texas Mobile, call 1-888-SITE-CO-OP, or text a zip code to 91989.

Travel Notifications

To protect members from card fraud, we typically block geographic areas where we’ve had frequent occurrences of fraud. If your travels are going to take you away from your home base, please contact us in advance of your trip so we can ensure that you don’t have any issues using your cards while you’re away.

Real-Time Card Fraud Protection

If you’ve lost or misplaced any of your United Texas cards, log in to Online Banking or United Texas Mobile and manage your cards. You can temporarily disable your cards in seconds and then turn them back on when you’re ready. If you’re certain that they are gone, you also have the option to permanently cancel your cards.


This app is available as a free download from your mobile device’s app store and has the following benefits:

  • Turn your card on and off as needed
  • Establish transaction controls for dollar amount limits, merchant categories, and geographic locations
  • Receive alerts when your card is used, approved, or exceeds the transaction controls you set
  • Stay informed of potential fraud with alerts on attempted or declined transactions

Mastercard ID Theft Protection™*

You have access to 24/7 expert assistance should you become the victim of Identity Theft. To learn more or to register for early detection with Mastercard ID Theft Alerts, visit www.mastercardus/ This benefit is available for all of your cards, not just your United Texas cards, and best of all, this is a free service as a member.

Mastercard Global Service®*

You can receive around-the-clock service assistance with Lost and Stolen Card Reporting, Emergency Card Replacement, and Emergency Cash Advance, as well as assistance with locating ATMs and help with card-related questions.

Mastercard Airport Concierge™*

This service provides a Meet and Greet agent to assist with flight connections plus, at select airports, expedited security/immigration processing.

Zero Liability Protection*

You may not be responsible for unauthorized purchases on your United Texas Mastercard. Certain restrictions apply. To learn more, visit

Happy travels!

*These are summary descriptions only. Additional terms, conditions, and exclusions apply. Call 1‐800‐MASTERCARD for assistance. Applicable to U.S. Cardholders only.

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