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Winston Churchill said, “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” At United Texas, we have a vested interested in helping you make the most of your living and your life. We think the best kind of giving is the kind that gives back, and that’s why we offer all our members exclusive discounts and simple ways to pay it forward.

Get awesome discounts on selected products and services with your United Texas membership.

Getting your exclusive member discounts is easy. Simply visit the site related to the discount or program to cash in on the savings. To buy movie tickets and chocolate and support Children’s Hospital of San Antonio, just stop by any of our United Texas Locations.

Help us support Children’s Hospital of San Antonio when you purchase any of the following through United Texas:

    • Santikos Movie Passes — $8.50/each
    • World’s Finest Chocolate Bars (4 varieties) — $1/each; Chocolate Almonds — $2/box

Schlitterbahn Tickets

Order online and use promo code UTXCU for discounts on one-day tickets, season passes, retail, food and beverage items, accommodations and more at any Schlitterbahn location. Schlitterbahn refunds a portion of each ticket sold to Credit Unions for Kids.


Get Schlitterbahn Tickets



Doing taxes is the worst. But, if you click the button below they’ll be up to $15 less bad.


Save on Turbo Tax



United Texas members can save money on wireless service with Sprint. Sprint has phones, PDAs, push to talk, data service plans, music downloads, TV and more.


Save & Earn Money with Sprint


Ampre Debit Card Rewards Program

Cash back offers are tied directly to your United Texas CU debit card from the most popular NATIONAL brands, plus your favorite regional and local retailers too. Create an account with your participating card or sign in and see how much you’re saving. Merchants can vary throughout the year, so once you register, check back often to view the current offers.


Sign Up to Earn Cash Back


Pay it Forward

There’s no bad way to do good, but there’s definitely a best way. If you’re looking to try your hand at humanitarianism, here are some tips to make sure your goodwill goes to a great place.

Check Out Charity Navigator

Not all non-profits are created equal. To make sure the organization you’re giving to is using your money in the best ways, Charity Navigator grades non-profits according to performance, financial health, accountability and transparency. If you’re really committed to making a sensible social impact, double check your charity on Charity Watch and the Better Business Bureau’s Wise Giving Alliance.

Give Straight to the Source

It may sound surprising, but not everyone who asks for money has the best intentions. To make sure your money makes it into the right hands, always double check your charity’s tax-exempt status with the IRS website, then make your donation directly. Direct donations ensure that your money does most good for the people who really need it.

Protect Your Privacy

Generosity leaves you open to good karma. Unfortunately, it also leaves you open to further solicitation. If you’ve ever given a few bucks to save the whales, you know what that can get you — junk mail, robocalls and requests for more cash. If you’re going to give, make sure it’s worth a few extra phone calls at dinnertime.