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Revised 12/22/2020

The health and safety of our members and staff is our highest priority.

Our Braun Branch lobby is currently available to members by appointment only. All of our other lobbies are fully open to members and visitors.

  • We strongly encourage wearing a mask or face covering for the entirety of your visit; however, if you can maintain social distancing, then it is not necessary.
  • We will ask you to remove your mask briefly to identify you.

How We Protect You

  • Acrylic shields at every teller workstation where members complete transactions
  • Continuously cleaning all frequently touched surfaces
  • Cleaning of desks after every transaction
  • Making hand sanitizer and tissues available throughout our offices
  • Avoiding physical contact with others
  • Practicing social distancing with floor markers as reminders
  • Washing hands frequently for at least 20 seconds
  • Asking employees who feel ill to stay home

Alternative account access options

We offer many ways to serve members confined to their home, or who are limiting public contact during this time.

  • Online Banking – 24/7 access to your accounts at Contact us if you need to enroll in this service.
  • Mobile Banking – 24/7 access with mobile apps for your Apple and Android devices.
  • Mobile Check Deposit – Via Mobile Banking, this service allows you to conveniently take a picture of your check with your smart device to make a deposit.
  • Call Center – Call 210-561-4500 or 800-531-8456 for live telephone support anytime, 24/7. Text and online chat are also available with our Call Center team Monday – Friday from 8:30 am – 5:30 pm, and on Saturday from 8:30 am – 1 pm.
  • E-Branch – Apply securely online by logging into your Online Banking account, or call 210-561-4500 or 800-531-8456 to begin the application process. You can finalize most loan documents remotely with our electronic signature service.
  • Home Loan Center – For service, apply online, call 210-561-4500 or 800-531-8456, or e-mail to connect with our home loan team today.
  • Member Service – You may open membership applications and deposit accounts over the phone via our Call Center. You may also open an additional deposit account under your existing account by logging in to your Online Banking account and choosing “Open Additional Account” under the Accounts portion of the Main Menu.
  • Concierge Service – If you’re unable to visit us in person, we’re happy to travel to you. Please contact us to schedule an appointment.
  • ATMs – Our Headquarters, Medical Center and Boerne locations have ATMs that accept deposits.
  • Mobile Wallets – To avoid using and handling cash, take advantage of Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay with your United Texas debit and credit cards.
  • Night Depository Box – All branches offer this 24/7 service to accept deposits.

Your funds are safe

Please rest assured that your funds remain safe and secure with United Texas Credit Union. Our private insurer, American Share Insurance, insures your deposit accounts for up to $250,000 each, and there is no limit on the number of insured deposit accounts.

Additionally, if you prefer to have cash on hand, then we urge you to please only withdraw what you will reasonably need. Withdrawing large sums of cash puts you at risk.

Reduce the threat of Covid-19 scams

It’s an unfortunate fact of life that criminals often use disasters to fraudulently gain access to your personal information. While we may verify your identity by phone, we will never call you to ask for your account number or passwords. Please contact us at 210-561-4500 or 800-531-8456 if you believe a scammer has contacted you.

We’re here for you

If you are experiencing a financial hardship or if there are additional ways we can serve you, then please let us know. We are your credit union, and we want to do everything possible to protect your financial security, as well as your personal health.

We are sincerely grateful that you have chosen United Texas Credit Union as your financial partner.

Please take care of yourself and your loved ones during this challenging time.


  1. Sherry Ascolese  |  

    Due to the Covid-19 concerns is there any thought on waiving ATM fees to give members additional options for obtaining cash?

    1. Karla  |  

      Hi Sherry – In addition to surcharge-free ATM access at our branches and at selected Firstmark CU, River City FCU, Air Force FCU and Baptist CU locations, United Texas CU is also a member of the nationwide CO-OP ATM network, with almost 30,000 locations that are also surcharge-free. You may visit the CO-OP ATM Locator at Because there are so many free ATM options, we are not considering waiving ATM fees at this time. Thank you for your question. – Karla

  2. Joseph  |  

    Ford has announced forms of relief and options for existing credit customers regarding payments and financing of their current vehicles that may encounter difficulty due to slow downs and shut downs mandated by local, state, and federal government as a result of COVID 19. Do you or will you do likewise.

    1. Karla  |  

      Hi Joseph – we are happy to work with members experiencing difficulties meeting their financial obligations to us. You may contact our Member Solutions staff for assistance at 210-561-4500. Thank you for your question. – Karla

  3. Ana  |  

    What if i need to access my safety deposit box; will i be given access?

    1. Karla  |  

      Hi Ana – we will consider these types of requests on a case-by-case basis, depending on the urgency of the your situation. Please contact us if you need to access your box. Thank you for your question. -Karla

  4. Linda  |  

    I need to get a document notarized; will the notary service be available through the drive-through?

    1. Karla  |  

      Hi Linda – Yes, we are able to assist you with this request at our Medical Center, Redland and Braun Branches. We will need to visually verify you, and these branches have a traditional drive-through window. Thank you! -Karla

  5. Guadalupe ybarra  |  

    Thank you so much. Thank you for making me feel at ease.

    1. Karla  |  

      Thank you, Guadalupe for being a member. Our primary concern is for our members’ health and safety. -Karla

  6. Alice mendiola  |  

    Need to order checks

    1. Karla  |  

      Hi Ms. Mendiola – please contact our Call Center at 210-561-4500 and our staff can assist you with your request. Thank you! -Karla

  7. Warren Camarano  |  

    I need to “cash in” coins I’ve collected over the past few months totally approx. $ 70.00. Can you handle this transaction?

    1. Karla  |  

      Mr. Camarano – Yes, we can. We have a coin counter in all of our lobbies that you may use to count your coin. We do not require an appointment for this transaction, but we are limited on the number of members allowed in our lobbies at any one time. As long as we are not over the limit when you arrive, you will be able to complete your transaction without waiting. Thank you for being a member! -Karla

  8. Gary Ingemanson  |  

    I’m greatly disappointed that the new Braun/1604 branch has no ATM and a poorly-designed drive-up window. Too late now to do anything about those deficiencies. I wish that UTXCU management had alerted members to those plans earlier. We’ll have to consider moving our accounts.

    1. Karla  |  

      Thank you for your feedback, Mr. Ingemanson. One of our staff members will be reaching out to you personally regarding your comments. Thank you for your membership. -Karla

    2. Misty Marie Madrigal  |  

      Agree 100%!!

  9. Misty Marie Madrigal  |  

    I have to agree with the above comment from Gary Ingemanson. No ATM makes no sense and the drive thru design was not given much thought.

    1. Karla  |  

      Ms. Madrigal – As a member-owned institution, we are the stewards of your money and make decisions based on the most efficient expenditure of funds. When determining the feasibility of an ATM at the new Braun Branch, the transaction volume at the previous location was not sufficient to offset the cost and risk to install an ATM at the new location. Our continued investment in the surcharge-free CO-OP network ensures that members have access to almost 30,000 ATMs nationwide. Regarding the drive-through, at our current transaction volumes, we determined that we could serve members adequately with one lane. However, currently, the pandemic has negatively impacted our ability to serve members in our lobby, which has driven more traffic to our drive-through lane. Thank you for your feedback and for your membership. -Karla

  10. Fernando Coronado  |  

    I agree with Gary, I am also disappointed. You have taken my banking convenience away, which was one of the reasons I opened up accounts with you. I am also seriously thinking of change banks as well.

    1. Karla  |  

      Thank you for your feedback, Mr. Coronado. One of our staff members will be reaching out to you personally regarding your comments. Thank you for your membership. -Karla

  11. T. Savage  |  

    Apologies if this has already been addressed.
    Why is the Redland branch drive-thru closed on Saturdays?

    1. Karla  |  

      As a member-owned institution, we are the stewards of our members’ money and make decisions based on the most efficient expenditure of funds. We made the difficult decision to eliminate Saturday drive-through hours at our Redland Branch because the volume of transactions was too low to offset the expenses associated with opening this branch on Saturday. We have not made any changes to the drive-through hours at any of our other locations. Thank you for your question and we appreciate your membership. -Karla

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