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United Texas - Mobile
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» Why United Texas

  • Fixed rates
  • Funds insured up to $250,000, with no limit on the number of accounts
  • No maximum investment caps
  • An initial deposit of ONLY $500 required*
  • Terms between 6 and 60 months

Benefits of a Share Certificate Account

Guaranteed Return
Certificates typically pay higher rates
Your rate is set at opening and doesn't change until the certificate matures
Your funds are privately insured by American Share Insurance up to $250,000 per account

Share Certificate Rates and Terms

3.82% APY*6 months
5.30% APY*6 months
4.07% APY*12 months
2.78% APY*24 months
2.27% APY*36 months
2.53% APY*48 months
2.53% APY*60 months

We’re Here to Help!

Laddering certificate accounts is a great strategy to build wealth, take advantage of future rate increases, and prevent all your money from being locked up long-term.

To learn more about Share Certificate Accounts or other investment options, call us at 1-800-531-8456.

*APY = Annual Percentage Yield. APY is offered July 1 – 31, 2024. The minimum balance to earn the advertised APY is $25,000 for a 6-month term at the higher rate and $500 for all other terms. A penalty will be imposed for early withdrawal. A withdrawal of all or any portion of the principal before maturity will cause automatic termination of the Certificate Account. Membership eligibility is required.

How it Works

Give us a call, contact us online, or come into any one of our branches.

Join United Texas Credit Union. All you need to do to become a member is to open a $5.00 minimum savings account.

Open your Share Certificate account. You must make a minimum deposit of $500 (or $25,000 for a 6-month term at the special rate.)

Start earning great rates!

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