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Everyone deserves to kick back and relax, but entertainment can get expensive.

Here are some ways you can have your budget, and your fun, too.

Turn a hobby into income

Do you have a secret passion you can monetize? If you’re sensational at sewing, or if you have a unique talent for bottle-cap art, then you can earn cash. Fund your hobby by selling your products on sites like Etsy.

Buy season passes

If you have a favorite amusement park or another entertainment center, then consider investing in a season pass. These often cost as much, or even less, as two one-day entrance tickets.

Give up cable

A video streaming service like Netflix can be a great replacement for cable. Some services, like HBO Max, will even allow you to stream a specific channel online.

Stream your music

Downloading from iTunes is rapidly going the way of the CD. Today, it’s all about streaming music services, which allow you to listen to virtually any song for a modest monthly fee.

Ask for a discount on your entertainment

Before paying for a hotel stay, amusement park ticket or even a rental car, find out if you qualify for a discount. Many venues offer discounts for older adults, students or club members of AAA or the like.

Split entertainment memberships

Share the cost of a music, movie, or video game subscription with a friend or a roommate to pay half the price for the same entertainment.

Take a virtual tour

If art is your thing, then you can get an up-close look at the most fascinating places in the world, like the Guggenheim in NYC and Musée d’Orsay in Paris.

Keep your entertainment local

Keep your eyes and ears open for local festivals, sporting events and performances at no charge, or for just a nominal fee. (During this time though, these might be outdoor-only.)

Watch for happy hour

Museums and recreation centers often offer discounted entrance tickets during their slowest time of the week, or of the day.

Volunteer at special events

Offer to volunteer at theater and music productions in exchange for free tickets.

Purchase group deals online

Before taking a trip anywhere, check if you can get discounted tickets on sites like Groupon or LivingSocial.

Your Turn: How do you save on entertainment costs? Share your best tips with us in the comments.

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