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Whether it’s done by physical theft, phishing, or data breaches, fraudsters use many methods to access and steal consumer identities. Identity theft can be financially and emotionally devastating. 

It’s our goal to ensure that using your United Texas Mastercard brings you as much security and peace of mind as possible. Therefore, we’re happy to offer enhanced Mastercard ID Theft Protection. This is an automatic built-in benefit to your consumer and business credit and/or debit card to better safeguard you against possible identity theft.

Mastercard Enhanced ID Theft Resolution Services is a unique suite of complementary solutions to help protect cardholders and resolve identity theft incidents.

Identity Monitoring

Monitors dark web for exposed sensitive information to determine if personal information has been compromised, including:

  • SSN
  • e-mail address
  • credit/debit cards
  • account numbers
  • web logins
  • medical insurance cards
  • drivers’ license
  • loyalty cards
  • passport number
  • vehicle insurance cards, and more.

This uses automated monitoring and human threat intelligence.

One-Bureau Credit Monitoring

Tracks members’ credit reports at TransUnion and alerts them of any changes that could indicate fraud (i.e., new credit inquiries, an address change, or a new credit account opened in their name). Members receiving alerts can easily review details, close out legitimate activity, and/or flag reports that require attention.

Financial Account Takeover Alerts

Monitors members’ high-risk activity with 300+ of the nation’s largest companies to uncover and thwart account takeover attempts. Monitored accounts include:

  • credit card accounts
  • financial accounts
  • brokerage accounts
  • healthcare portals
  • workplace intranets
  • peer-to-peer fund transfers, and more.

White Glove Restoration Service

Certified, white-glove resolution specialists are available 24/7 to handle complex issues and situations. The service includes:

  • helping with credit notifications and follow-up
  • credit freezes
  • law enforcement communications
  • IRS identity theft services
  • affidavit submission
  • legal and financial counseling
  • emergency cash assistance
  • lost wallet assistance
  • fraud alert placement, and more.

An online dashboard and portal display information, providing a superior user experience and allowing response to suspicious activity alerts from a computer or mobile device.

Additional Benefits

Cardholders also receive a monthly Identity Risk newsletter that provides a graded snapshot of their digital exposure. Based on their risk level, personalized tips are provided to help better secure personal information.

To activate your alerts benefit, visit and enter your card number to get started.

Contact us if you have any questions or need more information.

Mastercard ID Theft Protection applies to all consumer, small business, and corporate cards except for anonymous prepaid, gift cards, and Central Travel Solution corporate cards. Certain terms, conditions, and exclusions apply.

Generali Global Assistance Inc. provides this benefit. Certain terms, conditions, and exclusions apply. Please see your Guide to Benefits for details or call 1-800-MASTERCARD.

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