1. Memberships you can’t use now

Life has changed for the foreseeable future. Year-long memberships or season passes you might have thought you’d regularly use are pretty much worthless now. Cancel or pause your monthly gym payments and ask for a refund on season passes for a sports team or amusement park.

2. Credit card payments

Most credit card companies are making allowances for financially affected borrowers as a result of the Corona virus pandemic. Reach out to yours and ask if you can skip this month’s payment without penalty or if you can pay a little less than usual to avoid a fee. United Texas Credit Union will work with you if you are having financial issues that make it difficult to make your payments.

3. Auto insurance premiums

Contact your insurance provider to find out what kind of relief they’re offering consumers at this time. Allstate is allowing their subscribers to request to skip up to two consecutive payments without paying late fees. GEICO will not cancel coverage for consumers who miss payments or allow their policies to expire through April 30. Liberty will be extending due dates without penalty until further notice.

4. Internet

If you aren’t locked into an internet plan and you have kids or a college student now at home, consider switching to a free plan. Providers like Arvig and Spectrum are currently offering free internet and Wi-Fi to new customers with K-12 or college students at home. Qualifying customers will not have to pay for their service until school reopens.

5. Student loan payments

On March 20, President Donald Trump announced that all federal student loan borrowers can pause their payments for up to 60 days. Interest will not accrue on these missed payments. Many private student loan companies are making similar allowances for borrowers, so call your lender to discuss your options.