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It’s hot out, so make sure you’re drinking water!  

You probably already know water is the best beverage choice for your health and for your money. But did you know bottled water may be costing you a fortune? 

Many people pay exorbitant amounts of money for bottled water without even realizing how inflated the price is. 

So, let’s take a look at the costs of bottled water when compared to ordinary tap water. 

For 1,000 gallons of tap water, it will cost you approximately $11. With that amount of water, you could fill 7,570 bottles of water at 16.9 fluid ounces each. As a result, each bottle costs you just $0.0014! 

Assuming you drink three 20-oz bottles of water a day, you’ll need 1,095 bottles a year. If you fill those bottles with tap water, you’ll only pay $1.53 a year! 

There are certainly many ways to get sweet-tasting water without busting your budget. Here are some options to consider: 

DIY chilling of bottled water

Love the taste and convenience of bottled water? Save big by buying your bottles in packs of 24 and refrigerating them at home instead of buying them cold on the go. Instead of $1 a bottle, you’ll pay just $0.16. 

Water coolers 

Water coolers are another option. They cost an average of $170 and can help you fill all your water needs at home. After springing for the machine, you’ll only be paying for refills. 

A five-gallon refill of spring water will run you approximately $7. However, if you order multiple bottles at once, you can get discounts as steep as $5 a bottle. With each gallon filling 7.5 water bottles, you’re getting more than 37 bottles worth of bottled water for the price of one purchased bottle! 

Pitcher filters 

These contraptions snap right onto your pitcher of water and filter it on the spot. You can also purchase a pitcher with the filter already attached. Either way, you’ll have your bottled water needs met with just a one-time purchase averaging $20. 

However, the downside here is the minimal amount of water a pitcher filter can purify in one shot. 

Water treatment system 

Having an indoor water treatment system installed in your faucet will give you access to unlimited amounts of filtered water. These filters average $250 to $400 but usually work with only one faucet. Some companies will install a purified water tap alongside your existing faucet instead of filtering it. 

Take the tap challenge! 

Tap water is definitely the cheapest way to drink up. If it’s a safe option in your area, try drinking only tap water for a month. It may just become a lifelong habit! 

Here are some ways to make tap water more palatable: 

  • Slice some citrus fruits and let them float in your pitcher.
  • Invest in a SodaStream to add some sparkle to your glass.
  • Freeze pureed blueberries and strawberries and use them as ice cubes.

Drink wisely this summer and as a result, you’ll save big! 

Your Turn: How do you hydrate? Share your own cost-effective water sources with us in the comments!

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